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Fat People… Help Yourselves!

No, I don’t mean to the buffet table. I mean literally, help yourselves!

Let me start by saying that I realize not all obesity is caused by over-eating. This article is not for those people. Let me also say that I completely understand the “addictive” qualities of food. I don’t have an addictive personality, but the closest thing I have to an addiction is to food. I also understand that we need to eat to live, so while an alcoholic can choose to abstain from drinking for the rest of r163150_600877their lives, this is not an option for a “grub-a-holic”. The problem I have with obesity though is that it doesn’t happen overnight.  In order to become obese, you have to consciously and consistently make bad decisions with regard to your health and nutrition.

If you put all fad-diets aside, it has been proven time and time again that the best way to stay healthy is to eat healthy and in moderation while maintaining some sort of physical activity a few times a week. It is simple math… If you take in more calories then you expend, you will gain weight. Expend more then you take in and you will lose weight. In short, shut your mouth and move your butt!

I went to Arbys today for lunch (I never claimed to be a saint). I sat down in my booth with my Market Fresh Turkey Sandwich & a Sweet Tea. After unwrapping it I noticed a woman, barely able to fit into her booth, sitting down to a tray full of food. Fried Potato Bites, Mozarella Sticks, Curly Fries (all being dipped in Ranch Dressing), a Beef & Cheddar Sandwich and a Vanilla Milkshake. Watching her eat her meal was like watching someone slowly commit suicide and enjoy every minute of it. It’s like a drug addict.

Why are we killing ourselves? Why are we the fattest country in the world when we know exactly how to fix it? Better yet, if we know it’s wrong mcdonaldsand we know it’s bad for us, why are we passing these habits down to our children? Is it out of pure laziness because we don’t want to cook? Pure selfishness because we want to eat the meal ourselves, so why not have the kids tag along?

We’ve all heard enough about the big Fast Food chains over the past decade to

know that they’ve been put through the ringer. Most of them offer healthy alternatives to the traditional fast food meal (ie – burger, fries, soda). Nobody is forcing you to go to McDonalds, and they’re certainly not forcing you to order the #1, superize with a vanilla shake.

So my question to you is… what do you think about our obesity problem in this country? Do you think it is fair that the public pays higher premiums to offset the costs associated with overweight people and the vast medical issues that stem directly from obesity? How about the classic airline example? Do you think it is fair that on many airlines, overweight people can get a second seat, for free, simply because they are overweight?


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