TV Review: “The T.O. Show”

For newly signed Buffalo Bills wide reciever, Terrell Owens, this has been an extremely eventful off-season. He was released from the Dallas Cowboys, signed with the Bills, moved to Los Angeles, and filmed an entire season of his very own reality show. While it may be too early to tell what this will do for his career, the first episode didn’t set the bar very high.

The format of the show reminds me of every other beefed up  “reality show” on Vh1 and Mtv right now including ‘Runs House’ and ‘Gotti’s Way’. . The show follows Owens, his two female publicists, and his bodyguard and best friend Pablo. His publicists believe that he needs some time to rediscover “Terrell and not T.O.” What better place to just lay low and soul search than Los Angeles!?


It doesn’t take much to realize that anything resembling an intriguing story-line is going to involve Owens struggles with himself. It’s clear that he has some real personal demons he is fighting. He’s in his mid-thirties, single, coming to the end of his football career and is looking toward the future.

T.O. has said many times that he feels he has been misrepresented in the media. He wants people to get a true glimpse into his life and who he is. The normalize_jpeg.jhtmlproblem is that this medium and format doesn’t feel authentic. The show itself feels less like a documentary about his journey to find himself and more as a giant publicity stunt to give him a boost before he starts his “post-sports” career somewhere in the entertainment industry.

The previews at the end of the first episode show a variety of clips involving his friends and issues that in no way involve Owens. While following one of the most interesting athletes in the world is intriguing, I could honestly care less about the trials and tribulations of his “entourage”.

Viewers spend the majority of the hour-long show watching Owens “act a fool”, usually shirtless, while his publicists do their best to ruin his fun. As a side note, Owens is a ridiculous physical specimen, though it is hard to believe he got his rock-hard physique by working out in the pool with those $20 colored bands my Mom uses.

The single shining star in the show is Terrell Owens ex-fiance, actress Felisha Terrell. To put it plain, she is smoking hot. I wouldn’t be surprised if this show has a more positive impact on her career then it does Owens. We are told thatp1_to_terrelll they dated for several years and were engaged. Owens couldn’t remain faithful and the relationship ended. I found myself wanting to throw something through the television screen as I watched Owens hookup with his real-estate agent and dance with a girl at a club who looked like she just walked off the set after being denied a clock by Flavor Flav.

This could be a great opportunity for T.O. to show his true colors and set the stage for whatever comes next in his life. Unfortunately, from the first episode, it doesn’t feel as though Owens fully-embraced the opportunity. It comes off as a semi-scripted and forced trashy reality show. Funny enough I find myself rooting for Owens, as he really is a likeable guy. Who will win out in the battle between Terrell and T.O.? Perhaps the real question is, will anybody be watching when he figures it out?


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One response to “TV Review: “The T.O. Show”

  1. I love the T.O. show, I am a reality show junkie, and I think he keeps it real, he is honest, funny and I like the fact he bounces back after being kicked off the Dallas Cowboys team. GO T.O. He has haters because they are just jealous of what he got! lol

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