Americans STILL Don’t Get it…

As election time approached last year, I began to feel that the general American population was finally wising-up to the fact that we are in a tough time and that we, the people, need to take the reins. We realized that we were approaching a major economic crisis, that were in a war we may not be able to win, and that our “leader” had led us astray over the past 8 years. Americans, it seemed, were aware that international relations were weak and that many people across the world who used to adore and envy us, were now disgusted with the American people.

On the night of the election, as they announced that Barack Obama had won, I felt an overwhelming feeling of emotion and relief. As millions of Americans celebrated in Grant Park that night, the American people made a bold statement to the citizens of the world that the last 8 years were not our choice, and that we were going to make things right.  Obama won the election less because of his political party and more for his ambition to “fix the world” and for everything that he stood for. It became clear that  “Change had come to America”.

Almost 6 months later, I am sad to announce that at least partially, we were all sorely mistaken. In the past few days,  the economy still teeters in the balance, issues of Universal Health Care are on the tips of everyone’s tongues in Washington, and the Iranian people flood the streets of Tehran in an effort to continue their fight for democracy. All the while, as I look to Google News’ “Most Popular “, what is it that tops the list??? What is the most read article on Google? What is it that Americans are the most concerned about? Apparently it is the divorce of Jon and Kate Gosselin from “Jon & Kate Plus 8.”googlenews

Are you kidding me!? As the President is being heavily criticized for his leniency toward Ahmadinejad‘s handling of the situation in Iran, we, the people, are not only watching “Jon & Kate Plus 8” but are actively sitting at our computer and reading articles detailing their divorce, more often then we are doing so for the international crisis in Tehran.

“This must be a mistake”, I think to myself, as I decide to double check it by looking at the most popular video’s on Youtube for the day… Surely it is some riot footage or CNN coverage on the situation in Iran. Perhaps it is the video of Neda Solton, the 26-year old Iranian woman who was shot down on the streets of Tehran and who’s death was captured on a cell-phone camera. Just as CNN has put out warnings that “The Footage You Are About to See Is Extremely Graphic and May Not Be Suitable For Some Viewers”, I feel that I need to preface my reveal of the top videos on Youtube with a similar warning… “The Sentence You Are About To Read May Disgust You and Make You Want to Move to a Country More In Tune with Reality”… The top 2 video’s on Youtube are the Adam Lambert and KISS Duet from the American Idol Finale and some new video of Youtube character “FRED”.

Now, I understand that these sites are not solely American sites and thus it does not speak only of Americans and our cultures… However, if you think that it is not almost entirely Americans who are watching the “Jon & Kate Plus 8”, “Adam Lambert & Kiss Duet” and “FRED” videos, give me a break.

What does this say about our culture? We live in a tough time right now, and I get that. It is perfectly normal to watch television for entertainment purposes (as you will learn, I am a huge music, TV, and movie buff). We all need a break and to kick back and forget about our problems from time to time. The problem is that these are the MOST WATCHED shows and clips of the day. During the election, if you went to Youtube, it was almost impossible to find a clip that was NOT related to the election in the first 5 pages of the most popular clips. People were so engulfed with the problems that we faced and the need to find a new leader to fix everything that we simply couldn’t get enough.

What this tells me is that we have forgotten, to an extent, what it means to be an American, and the principles on which this country was founded. We came together after 9/11, in crisis, and helped to build back up America. We came together at election time to find a leader that most of us thought could lead us out of this… and then we bailed. We changed the channel. This country does not work that way. We don’t’ get to wake up to our problems every 4 years at election time, pick somebody to “fix our problems” and then leave it in their hands until the next election.

If you don’t want to write a blog to do your part, then don’t. If you don’t want to take to the streets to help protest the resistance in Iran, don’t. If you don’t want to sit down and watch entire news programs all day every day to keep up with what is happening in the world and not just in your own little box, then don’t… But for Heaven’s sake, can you not read a 1 page news article or watch some news summary clips to stay somewhat informed about the world? I don’t expect “CNN World News” to be the top show on television right now. I’m talking about Google News and Youtube. Anybody, even with the worst case of ADD in the world can sit down and read a 1-page news article or watch a 2-minute youtube clip.

This is the type of closed-off, out of touch mentality that everyone else in the world sees in Americans. It is time that we wake up and take some responsibility ourselves, and not just leave it in the hands of law-makers and government officials.

For those of you who stay informed, and do your part, however small, good for you. To everyone else… shame on you. We all have to live in this world and all of us have to wake up every day and look at ourselves in the mirror and realize that we are responsible for the world we are passing on to future generations. Most of you who are reading this blog probably live in a decent home, with running water and electricity. We never go hungry and we never have to worry about whether we could die from riots in the streets or car-bombs going off on our morning commute. The least we can do is be thankful for what we have and who we are. If we’re going to complain about our problems, we need to tune in and take action… more then for a few months every four years. Step up. Speak your mind, and please, take a break from “Jon & Kate Plus 8”. Even if it’s just during the commercials… It is the least we can do.


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3 responses to “Americans STILL Don’t Get it…

  1. The media controls our country and the people are shitty enough to give into it, let it, and feed it while being warm and cozy cuddled up on the couch. As a result we will surely have our rights and freedoms slowly taken away from us from the politicians that control the media. We needed Ron Paul to be our president. We needed somebody that is REALLY about CHANGE in our country and REALLY cares about it’s people. We needed people to give a fuck and educate themselves. But instead we got John and Kate. I’m not surprised at all. People are stupid. We will have a revolution before anything gets better. Unfortunately I don’t see it happening any time soon. Not as long as people have their heads up their ass and think that our current politicians are making decisions that are in the best interest of our citizens. And not ass long as stupid shit like that is most important to it’s citizens. It will get much worse before these morons realize what has happened to our country.

  2. That’s just it….the youtube searching, Jon and Kate watching population, at least the ones that focus on that and not on the politics of the situation are the ones that voted en masse for Barack Obama. Barack Obama wasn’t about change…he was about using that slogan at an opportune time for a generally ill-informed American public that generally likes to blame everything that goes wrong on the President. Nevermind the fact that we have a huge federal beauracracy, a legislative brach, state government, county government, city governments, etc that have a role in it too. I think most people would find it interesting how many of GWB’s policies that Obama criticized during the campaign that he is now using in full force. He wasn’t some breath of fresh air…he was a savy politician who knows how to manipulate the media and the American public to get what he wants. We do need real change in this country….and the normal crap that the Democratic Party and the Republican party normally throw at us aren’t reflective of the average American. Those who KNOW our political system know that it takes money, connections, and bowing to interest groups to get elected President. Obama used this just like every other president. He is a politician looking out for his own ass. Unfortunately, he is also a closet Communist who is letting the government run everything and putting more people on the government dole. At some point, it won’t work anymore….hopefully we will never get to that point.

    Americans being apathetic in general is what got Obama elected. Yes they may have gotten off their ass and voted, but they had no clue what they were actually voting for, or the history of the Presidency, of Obama, of Bush, of our Federal government. Until Americans care, nothing will change. But…too many Americans just don’t care, and never will. Our founding fathers saw this as a danger, which is why they wanted a republic as opposed to a true democracy. Government by the uneducated masses was no more desirable than rule by a tyrant king. Unfortunately, now we have both.

  3. I like the whole song, but what I’m getting at starts around 3:11. It’s spot on.

    In our country today, people have skewed and perverted the concept of freedom. The original idea was life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, right? Back in the day “happiness” had a lot to do with a roof over your head and food in your mouth and not dying of a plethora of diseases. For a lot of people today it has more to do with a plasma TV on the wall and not running out of Doritos or gas for the Excursion. The name of the game seems to have become comfort through excess and ignorance. I see one person driving down the interstate in a giant vehicle and I wonder how in the world it has come to this.

    It came to this because once upon a time the people who couldn’t live consciously and intently died. Now our society is structured to cater to those people because it’s making somebody filthy stinking rich. The Republicans cater to the filthy stinking rich people and the Democrats cater to everybody else who keeps those people filthy stinking rich. It’s ass-backwards but most of the kids on our Teeter-Totter of Democracy at least think they’re having enough fun to not get off and play on the Monkey Bars of Sometimes Unpleasant Reality.

    I could go on an on but I usually always end up at the conclusion that we can keep this ship afloat for a few more decades or maybe even a few more centuries but sooner or later we (America specifically, humanity in general) are completely screwed.


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