A Preview of Tonight’s Debate

A Preview of Tonight’s Debate…

I want to start off by saying how overwhelmed and pleased I am with the feedback I received (both positive and negative) on my last article. It is great to see that so many of you realize the gravity of the situations our country faces and that so many of you are passionate about your opinions

With that having been said, I would like to touch on the debate tonight. I know that for anyone who is following the election, tonight is a big night, and a night that may change the course of the election. I also know that the politicians involved, as well as their campaigns realize the importance of tonight. I have heard over the past several days that Palin has been quarantined somewhere, in a debate “boot camp” of sorts, preparing for tonight. I picture Biden sitting in his leather “daddy chair” in a Hugh Hefner robe, smoking a cigar and reviewing his notes (don’t ask me why). He realizes that he understands the issues and I don’t know if he’s prepared to face the pit-bull hockey mom in lipstick.

Palin is a likeable, charming, attractive, young woman. Let’s face it; if she won the election, she’d be a VPILF… From all that I have read and all that I have seen of her thus far, she appears to be a strong debater and extremely quick on her feet. I know some of you are saying “Nolan, you just put out a whole article last week about how she’s an idiot and has no business being the VP and now you’re saying this?” Let me explain…

My issue with Palin is that she is extremely inexperienced, ultra-conservative, and knows nothing of the major issues America is facing today. People have spent a lot of time talking about Palin’s lack of intelligence. Some examples of this include the fact that she thinks dinosaurs and humans both lived together on Earth 6,000 years ago, or her inability to name a national newspaper or a federal court case (other than Roe vs. Wade). The fact of the matter (an my point behind this article) is that her intelligence is not my concern. I don’t care where she went to college or whether or not she could win “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader”. My concern is with her lack of understanding of the issues and problems that we face today. Hell, George W. Bush has an MBA from Harvard and we all see how smart he is…

In fact, recently there has been a backlash on the “Liberal Media Elite”, accusing all networks other than Fox News of focusing on Palin, and not representing the same types of ridiculous comments made by her opponent, Democratic Senator Joe Biden. Let me set the record straight… Joe Biden frequently trips over his feet with the same types of blunders Palin has had over her month on the campaign trail. He recently commented on FDR’s Television Speech after the stock market crashed (The president when the stock market crashed was Herbert Hoover and there was no television in 1929). The difference is, he’s been in the Senate since 1972 (not 2 years as a governor of Alaska) and has a deep-rooted understanding of the issues.

The reason I bring this up is because tonight is going to get interesting… My concern is that while Joe Biden understands the issues and is a strong debater himself, Palin is perhaps a stronger debater and is certainly more charming. While most people laugh at her attempts to respond to the questions of Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric over the past few weeks, if you think about the fact that her responses were completely off the hip and that she had NO IDEA what she was talking about, I believe she was relatively quick on her feet. She had no clue about the issues she was being asked about and yet responded quickly and without hesitation. Her answers had no depth and in most cases had little relevance to the question, but her answers were packed with so much CRAP that it was almost hard to sort through it all.

The difference between those interviews and tonight’s debate is in the format. She is not going to have Katie Couric or Charlie Gibson pounding her to answer questions that she brushes off. Rarely do candidates speak directly to each other in a debate, and in this format, I believe Palin may have the advantage. She can brush off questions she doesn’t understand, covering up her convoluted answers with glitter and fairy dust, and then sit back and wait to pounce on anything Joe Biden says. Judging from what I’ve seen, I have a feeling Biden may be in for a sarcastic, back-handed beat down. She can say whatever she wants to him, and with all of the media coverage asking Biden whether he can “Debate the same with a woman as a man”, he will have to hold his tongue and not get involved in the types of accusations or arguments that Palin may try to create. If she does this, she may appear to be the winner.

I write this with one purpose… I’m making these predictions in hopes that they will bring the points to light, so that when they happen, you can pick apart the bull-shit. When you watch the debate tonight, don’t watch it for who is more charming, or who is funnier, wittier, or quicker on their feet. We are not voting someone into office because of their ability to debate or to make someone else look stupid. We need a President and Vice President that understand the issues our country faces and have the ability to help turn things around.

The other issue with tonight’s debate is the double-standard that the media has created for these two candidates. Joe Biden needs to remain calm and confident and to stay on his feet, focuses on the issues and his campaigns views. However, if he takes a wrong step, there is no doubt that Palin, along with Fox News will pounce on him and do their best to tear him apart. On the other hand, Palin has been such a train-wreck over the past month that if she stays on her feet and can even remotely answer the questions without giving the media a new blurb to play on Youtube for the next 2 weeks, she will likely be declared the victor. This is ridiculous. This is like saying that if Chuck Liddell had a UFC bout with Richard Simmons and Simmons didn’t get knocked out the first round, that that means he won… The fact is Richard Simmons has no business being in a UFC Octagon and Sarah Palin has no business near Joe Biden. Don’t get sucked into believing Palin is the winner tonight, due solely to the fact that she may exceed the ridiculously low expectation that SHE has created for herself… If Palin gets up tonight and knows more than Biden, and wins the debate fairly in ways no way related to what I have outlined here, I will admit that I was wrong… But I don’t see that happening…

For those of you interested, the debate will be broadcast live on CNN tonight at 9:00 PM EST. I’m looking forward to your comments.

God Bless America


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